Using Customer Engagement tools to build Brand Loyalty

Customer engagement is defined as the strong relationship between the customers and the business.
The business world gets competitive by the day and improving customer engagement becomes even more crucial in order to stay competitive and have a successful business. A customer who is fully engaged with the business proves to be drastically more profitable for a business than a regular one. This does not only apply to restaurant businesses, it almost applies to every industries: studies show that a fully-engaged hotel is almost 50% more profitable than a one who is not.
Enough consideration should be given to engage existing customers than acquiring new ones. When you focus on existing ones, that in turn will help you expand reach and develop brand awareness instead of reaching out to customers yourself and not making enough effort into engaging them fully. Today’s businesses are learning more about this concept and trying to derive tangible results from them.
According to Harvard Business Review, acquiring a new customer can cost anywhere from 5–25 times more than keeping an existing one. Loyal customers are more likely to repurchase and refer to their friends and family than new ones.

So, what are the best ways to increase and strengthen customer engagement? Follow our guide! 

1. Personalize Customer Experience
In today’s world, customers are looking for personalized experiences. When you target them with highly specific messages and incentives based on their preferences, profile and purchase history, you show them that you know and you care about your loyal members.

Not only do you answer their needs much better, but you also end up creating stronger relationships with them. And they most often thank you for this by visiting you again…and again.

2. Give Promotions and Offers

Providing exclusive promotions and offers to customers gives them a sense of belonging to your brand. It’s even more true when they’re part of a tiering program and feel like they are unique: as an example, a discount available only to VIP members underlines the fact that the individual belongs to the VIP group while boosting the importance of belonging to it, with special savings just for them. 

3. Integrate your Loyalty Solution with POS

Integrating your customer loyalty & engagement solution with your POS will help you track the purchase behaviors of your clients. From this great amount of data, you will be able to analyze their preferences (e.g., a vegetarian client, a sandwich lover) and to target them with highly personalized incentives.

4. Gather relevant Data Analytics

Data analytics is key when you want to scale your business. When transformed into actionable insights, it helps you implement relevant strategic plans that drastically increase sales.

5. Communicate with your customers through different channels

Adopt omnichannel engagement strategies to communicate with your members. Engage with them wherever they are, whenever you want through multiple channels such as push notifications, in-app messages, SMS, emails and feedback & surveys.

Want to build a first-class loyalty solution for your business? Thanks to a set of data-driven loyalty & engagement tools, Wefee1 helps you to understand your customers, enhance their experience and increase their visits and spending.

Book a demo with us to learn more about our product and how we can make your business thrive!

Ankita Srivastava

Ankita Srivastava

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