Forget the days of one-size-fits-all marketing techniques used by restaurants in the past. Nowadays, due to the restaurants evolving and considering the socio-demographic segmentation, we are in an era of never-before-seen customer targeting.

The market is so highly targeted that if restaurants do not appeal to the same, customers tend to be often disappointed.

As an example, according to Loyalty360, 75% of customers feel frustrated by a website that is not personalized for them. Almost 60% of the customers reported that personalization significantly influenced what they purchased, according to an Infosys study.

Companies like eBay, Amazon and have mastered the art of target marketing, by gathering data methodically from all their customers so they can provide a highly personalized experience for them, thus increasing their spending. 

In order to excel in marketing in the future, a personalized approach to marketing becomes very necessary. You may want to have a look at the online giants strategies, who have found success by following a few best practices:

1. Log the customers in, forever

You might have noticed that there is no ‘Log out’ option on eBay, Amazon and There is a deliberate reason for that, which involves the collection of customer data. With customers logged in, these businesses are able to link each purchase to an individual customer, an impetus for creating targeted marketing campaigns down the road.

2. Create Customer Profiles

Due to all the data collected by these big companies, they were able to create rich customer profiles for each of their individual users. For example, Amazon tracks their users’ previous purchases and eBay asks its customers about their hobbies, passions, etc.

3. Let computers do the work

The statistics collected on these customers help predict which of them are likely to be interested in which products. Amazon’s system is completely built on algorithms that allow it to provide personalized product recommendations.

4. Timing is crucial

We all know how important it is to deliver the right message, at the right time. For example, sends customized push notifications at the right time. By collecting data and measuring the users’ responses, the company makes sure that they don’t bombard customers with messages.

Looking towards the futureLoo

Technology is advancing at a lightning speed and it becomes important for companies to develop their target marketing approach to keep up to date with the trends. Let us look at the few trends that we have predicted which early adopters in retail industries can pay close attention to. 

1. Omnichannel Marketing

Large retail chains are advancing in omnichannel engagement. As an example, Starbucks creates a cohesive experience for its customers across all platforms like online, brick and mortar and mobile. So, when a customer orders online, they can make the payment through their mobile and pick up their order from the store or drive-thru. 

Customer management tools like Wefee1 can integrate disparate mediums on a single, centralized platform to help make omnichannel engagement a reality.

2. Marketing Automation

It is critical for retail industries to automate their marketing workflows based on their customers’ behavior patterns. This also includes automating social media interaction through likes, comments and follows to see which customers are more likely to purchase their products and services. This is what drives personalized recommendations that are used by big corporations like and Amazon. Chatbots have also started playing a big role in customer service interactions and the advantage here is that they connect with a large number of customers using the least manpower.

3. Machine Learning & AI

Companies have invested large amounts of capital in machine learning coupled with Artificial Intelligence to help influence the world of advanced marketing. A big example of such is eBay. The company uses AI to predict analytics models, allowing for effective customer segmentation, behavioral predictions and product recommendations. In today’s world AI has moved beyond and has become more efficient in segmentation, tracking and keyword tagging of campaigns.

Where are you heading now?

A computer science certification is certainly not necessary to adopt these marketing best practices used by online giants. Wefee1’s customer management platform allows you to build loyalty programs, mobile apps, marketing automations, SMS campaigns and more, integrating with your POS system to collect customer data, analyze behavior and personalize your marketing efforts. In order to be successful, the first step is to try replicating Amazon’s and eBay’s marketing success.

Ankita Srivastava

Ankita Srivastava

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