All You Need Is Here

Device-friendly interface

Our software for online ordering is fully device friendly. As part of the online ordering system, it seamlessly integrates mobile ordering as well as tablet-based ordering.

Point Of Sale Integration

This feature synchronizes with POS integration all of your customers online and offline, orders, discount coupons, etc. This integration offers full front and back-end business control. Online ordering for restaurants with this kicker is just a cake walk.

Facebook Ordering

How can "Facebook Ordering" miss your customers? Our Facebook App enables clients to order directly from your Facebook page. Turn your Facebook fans into loyal customers with payment integration eating every delicious bite on Facebook.

Multilingual Support

Get language freedom for your customers with Wefee1 multilingual support. It's not just ordering online, it's ordering comfort.

Real Time Analytics

Generate T&M-based custom reports, make strategic results-based decisions, and take your business to the next level. In our Online Ordering For Restaurants Total package, from the sales reports to what your customers like the most is all available.

On-the-go Ordering

Just copy the online ordering widget and paste it to your restaurant website and start receiving orders today.

Customer Engagement

Don’t just fans. Have “Raving Fans” who are rewarded whenever they make a purchase, whether it’s Mobile Ordering, Facebook Ordering or Online Ordering.

Loyalty Points

Don't just fans. Have "Raving Fans" who are rewarded whenever they make a purchase, whether it's Mobile Ordering, Facebook Ordering or Online Ordering.

Coupon Management

Our coupon code generator enables you to intelligently offer customer- specific discounts or future product release vouchers to your online ordering platform.


Engage your existing customers with email, newsletters and specials, the online ordering platform allows customers to take advantage of promotional vouchers when they sign up.

Safe and Secure

Multiple Payment Options

We provide multiple payment options such as COD, net banking, credit card, debit card, through Sodexo or any other method that you wish to integrate.

Gateway Integration

Request an integrated payment gateway and you're going to have it. Our online system is compatible with all gateways for payment. We also provide integration with the checkout system for PayPal and paygate integration.

PCI Compliance

Within the online ordering system, we provide PCI compliance so that your customers can continue to order with any major credit or debit card.

Custom Features

Interactive Website

Make the feel and look of your store that you want and we will do the job.

Custom Setting

Our online ordering system includes custom website design for your restaurant website and features set opportunities for expansion that are linked to your operational needs such as integration with PayPal.

Delivery Zone Mapping

Control your minimum order & delivery charges according to distance or by area from your restaurant.

Mobile Ordering

Customize your ordering link to your domain.

Revenue Smart

Yield Management

A creative angle bringing balance between stock and cost. By reducing stock wastage, it allows you to manage stock and increase yield. This is how: Our online ordering system captures the expiring or low sales period intelligently and pushes a notification to boost sales.

Custom Tax

Easily support taxes like VAT to ensure your order is always right.

Add Ons

Order Management

You can highlight your hot sellers, best purchases and combos, weekly and daily specials through the online ordering system. Give your regular menu an interactive, dynamic angle.

Group Ordering

Display group ordering discounts and benefits to make them visible and attractive to everyone.

Delivery Management

Simply sit on your screen to manage the delivery channel. Track what needs to be done in what time and the best way to deliver all orders in time with Wefee1's online ordering system, both in-store and home deliveries.