How to improve your omnichannel engagement skills

With the advancement in technology, hospitality and retail industries have been provided with an endless array of omnichannel engagement options for communicating with customers, from tweeting, to sending push notifications and emails.

And because this way of customer engagement has increased, so have the customer expectations regarding the quality of such communication.

According to Zendesk, around 90% of customers think that brands need to work harder to create a seamless experience, underlining the importance of true omnichannel engagement. This means delivering a consistent and compatible branding experience across all physical and digital channels and consistent customer service with optimal ordering and payment experiences.

An example of such a company that took this to the next level is Starbucks. Around 30% of their transitions are made via mobile application. Customers make the payment beforehand so they can skip the long waiting lines. Starbucks also has a great loyalty program inbuilt in the applications that has pushed its payment system even ahead of Apple and Samsung Pay in terms of the usage facility. 

Let us look at some of the other companies who did the same: 

1. Amazon’s log-in approach

Amazon purchased Whole Foods in the year 2017 which brought the company new brick-and-mortar revenue stream and of course, a goldmine of customer data. Amazon provides its Prime members lots of special deals in Whole Foods and other. In order to receive these deals, the customers need to log in to the Whole Foods application and provide the QR code to the cashier at the check-out station. The cashier will scan this code and that is how the customers retrieve the discount. At the same time, scanning the code also provides data to Amazon on the specific customer’s shopping habits. This information is valuable as they use it for target marketing later on. 

2. Personalization by Bonobos

This company launched in 2012 as an online retailer which was focused on men’s pants. In 5 years, Walmart purchased the company for $310 million, enabling a robust omnichannel strategy. Bonobos today has around 50 brick-and-mortar “guideshops”. Here, the customer meets a stylist by booking an appointment prior, tries on the clothes and creates a style profile after which, purchase is made online. The customer cannot take the clothing home, the clothes are delivered to the door. All this information regarding the customer’s preference is saved for future shopping experience. This tactic has proven to be extremely successful as they receive large orders from guideshops and customers are more likely to make repeat transactions and less likely to make returns.

3. Casper being consistent and large on continuity

As much as customers love shopping online, when it comes to purchasing mattresses, they’re reluctant to buy without visiting the store and giving it a bounce or two first. This is prevalent even though Casper has a free-return policy. This is the reason why the company partnered with Target. More than 1000 Target stores have Casper mattresses and pillows which customers can test out. This proves to be a big advantage due to the consistency in the in-store and online experience in terms of branding, pricing and customer experience. According to Casper’s CEO, customer acquisition costs have fallen over the past year, thanks in part to its brick-and-mortar openings, while sales have grown more quickly in markets where the company operates physical stores.

4. Convenience by Blue Apron and Plated 

According to Nielsen, 9% of households in the USA have tried a meal kit that was comprised of raw ingredients with the recipes delivered to the customers’ door. But more than 70% know that something like this exists. So, why is it like that? These two companies thought that it is the online ordering subscription model, and each have begun to sell individual meal kits in grocery stores to remedy the problem. This means that people were reluctant to purchase the monthly or yearly subscription, they wanted to be able to go in store and purchase it on their own needs. When the two companies made it possible to do so, Blue Apron’s shares jumped as much as 5.6% after The Wall Street Journal reported the move.

Optimized experience for your customers involves consistent branding and customer service, convenience, and a targeted and personalized approach to marketing.In order to truly thrive in the modern economy, brick-and-mortar businesses must look to the online giants, adopting omnichannel engagement tools and tactics, to provide the best customer experience across both digital and physical realms.

Make omnichannel experience work for you

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Ankita Srivastava

Ankita Srivastava

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