How can Marketing Automation help your business?

If your company owns a brick-and-motar sore, you’ll know that every second of your time is valuable. Marketing automation helps boost customer engagement efforts and save business a lot of time and resources for long-term growth.

For business owners who do not have enough time to spare: do you know that it is possible for your business to thrive by engaging with customers solely, thanks to marketing automation? This means allowing technology to remove the pressure from your businesses’ drained resources, by helping you to perform repetitive and time consuming tasks.

One example is Costa Coffee providing a free coffee on a customer’s 10th cup. Actually, there are numerous ways in which this kind of technology can be implemented. Some brick-and-mortar stores engage with hundreds of customers every single day, which is why they need marketing automation to cater for everything that happens around their business. 

This method is time consuming especially when you have many branches to manage, both locally and globally. So, let us look at some of the advantages of incorporating such a technology in your business module:

1. Loyal customers

Did you know that all your customers have the potential to become loyal customers? This is possible only when they’re treated with importance and care. This involves catering to their demands. Deliver incentives such as offers & discounts, and personalized messages, and this goes a long way to attain valuable customers. According to recent research done by Wefee1, loyal customers visit businesses at least once a week, if not more. 

2. Time saving

As discussed previously, integrating marketing automation proves to be time saving. Why have someone in charge who manually sends messages to customers? This seems like a tedious task even for a small company. Having marketing automation also performs tasks such as segmentation of data as it helps organize and utilize the information that passes through a business.

3. Reduce the use of manual labor

What happens when a business reduces manual labour? It helps save cost as you’re paying lesser people. This is especially beneficial for small and medium sized businesses. Use a fraction of that money to integrate marketing automation.

4. Send out personalized messages

Personalize the communications that come from your business. For example, using a customer’s name at the start of a message is an effective technique to make them feel special and keep them engaged in future. Another great feature is that marketing automation gives you the power to take things way further with personalized product recommendations, based around what your customers have bought. 

5. Centralizing your marketing operation

People who struggle to keep track of their marketing activity should always be looking for ways of simplifying their view of the function. This reduces the need for specialists in areas relating to the technical aspect of marketing. And hence, promotes cost saving.

6. Strong analytics and reporting

If your business launches campaigns via automation then you’re going to want to assess how they performed. Marketing automation has tools that present data analytics and insights generated from the emails and newsletters that are sent out by your business. This is useful when you send future messages. 

7. Reduce marketing accidents

Marketing automation helps to handle tasks that can be replicated for the future and removes any chance of making a mistake. So, if you have a person who manually performs this task, you can prevent him or her from making errors.

8. Promotion of consistent communication

You can schedule messages and send them out in bulk for future use instead of manually creating them on a deadline and sending out to all your customers. 

9. Marketing ROI

When you put out advertisements in newspapers or magazines, how will you know that people are visiting your store by getting influenced with that? By using marketing integration, you can see how many customers view the email, newsletter, ad, sms, etc. and which gets the most views as a result of more customers walking in. When you see one method being promising, you can use it in the future too as it works.

10. Customer insights

You can also discover more about the customers that buy from your business. This is helpful when you’re looking for feedback and hence you can send out surveys to gain more insight. 

Wefee1 is a customer management platform that leverages the power of marketing automation to streamline omnichannel strategy. Meet your customers where they are with relevant offerings derived from a data-driven approach.

Want to make marketing automation part of your success? Book a demo with Wefee1 to learn how we can help make your business thrive!

Ankita Srivastava

Ankita Srivastava

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