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According to eMarketer, 35% of smartphone users above the age of 14 use their device to pay for goods and services at least once in every six months. This amount increased to 831.4 million users in 2018 and the number is predicted to rise to more than 1 billion in 20201.

An example of a company that has an effective mobile payment method is Starbucks, having over 24 million users who purchase through their mobile at least once in six months if not more. 

Mobile payment is one of the few pieces in omnichannel engagement but plays a big role. Starbucks has loyalty programs that allow its users to collect points, get rewards and redeem gifts when they pay through the Starbucks application. Once the payment is made, the company engages with customers and helps stimulate their next transaction. Whenever a customer buys an item from the company, the latest should encourage further engagement in return. After paying via mobile, in order to enhance customer engagement, a comprehensive customer engagement solution is required to be integrated with all customer touchpoints, both in store (POS) and online (web, app, email).

For those businesses who are looking to engaging with customers post their purchases, here are some of the strategies worth exploring:

1. Immediate follow-ups

When a customer purchases something from your company, you should already have an automated plan in place for encouraging them to visit and probably purchase again. Sending something as simple as “Thanks for purchasing – here’s a $5 voucher for your next purchase”, or “Here’s 25% off your next purchase” via the application can show the customer that they’re appreciated and keep the conversation flowing. As a business, you can also utilize insights that are data-driven and deliver personalized recommendations, based on customer behaviour and prediction models. Amazon uses this strategy to boost their sales and increase loyalty. 

2. Allot points to customers 

Companies have started to allot points to customers that are eventually converted to coupons, gifts and other such incentives. For example, after a customer makes a purchase, the application encourages each customer to keep going and reflect how further visits could benefit their points tally.

For example, a simple message like ‘You are almost there! See what is waiting for you!’ and attaching a link can give the customers a glimpse of what is waiting for them in store if they visit again. For customers who have not utilized their points, the company can engage them as well by offering bonus points. In the United States, there are around 4 billion loyalty programs that are active and due to that reason, it is hard for customers to stay up to date with all the applications on their phones. Hence, it becomes important for companies to engage with their customers through push notifications and sms marketing to keep the customers aware of the latest trends. 

3. Reel them back with their friends 

Word of mouth turns out to be super powerful. Once a customer has made a purchase and had a good experience, that might be the perfect time to ask them to recommend your business to their friends and family. Providing a referral code is also a great way to enhance word-of-mouth.

4. Ask customers to rate your application

Contact customers when they are the most satisfied with your business, maybe after they used a discount code or after sending them a push notification with good news and ask them to rate your application on the application store (whether iOS or Android). Additionally, they can also write a short review which is even better for the company. Future downloaders can refer to these reviews and ratings and download the application accordingly. Hence, it is important to watch out for such reviews, meaning if they’re negative, then make ample changes to turn them around.

Another way of gaining feedback is through a satisfaction survey. But customers don’t have all the time in the world to sit and answer the survey, so make it short. Also, a good way to incentivise this is to provide customers with discount codes if they were to fill the survey. 

5. Influence social sharing

Social media is a huge amplifier of word of mouth. Your customers should be encouraged to share their experiences and purchases via social media to give your brand an online push.

Now that you understand the need and power of customer engagement, using customer engagement platforms like Wefee1 is a holy grail for your business. Wefee1 is a customer management platform that uses technology to further engage and create positive customer experiences for mobile users. By integrating with your POS system, Wefee1 extracts valuable consumer data which can be used to deliver personalized offers and relevant content for omnichannel engagement and brand loyalty. 

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Ankita Srivastava

Ankita Srivastava

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