What Is Wefee1 Delivery?

Wefee1 Delivery is an ordering solution for customers that provides you with the essentials you need now—and room to grow: an admin console,an ordering platform with loyalty programs, customer analytics, and communication tools.

Device-friendly interface

Our online ordering software is completely device friendly. It seamlessly integrates mobile ordering as well as tablet based ordering as a part of the Online ordering system.

On-the-go Ordering

Just copy and paste the online ordering widget onto your restaurant website, and start taking orders today.

Real Time Analytics

Generate custom reports on T&M basis, make strategic decisions based on the results and take your business to the next levels. From the sales reports to what your customers like the most is available in our Online Ordering For Restaurants Complete package.


Our pricing model is designed for any size business to get started with Wefee1 Delivery.


Integrated to Mobile App

This feature synchronizes all your online and offline customers, orders, discount coupons etc. with POS integration. This integration offers complete business control on the front as well as back-end. Online Ordering For Restaurants is just a cake walk with this kicker.

  • Email notifications
  • Full-screen offers
  • Locations and navigation
  • Business info
  • Customer feedback
  • Interactive Website
Mobile phone popup message
Loyalty plans mobile devices

Additional Features

Choose from a wide range of features.

  • Point Of Sale Integration
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Gateway Integration
  • Punch cards
  • Delivery Zone Mapping