The Complete Toolkit for all Your Delivery Management Needs

Dispatch Dashboard

Manage your business from a centralized perspective

Real-time tracking

In one centralized view, track real time, optimize routes and schedules, and allocate resources.

Notifications & Alerts

Stay up to date with custom alerts by tracking orders and proactively resolving issues.

Automate Logistics

By automating repetitive tasks, assign tasks, schedule, dispatch and manage your orders.

Powerful Analytics

Analyze data and reports to enhance and maximize fleet and driver performance.

Service App

Everything that a field officer needs to work effectively

Task Notification

Customize operational alerts and contact managers, dispatch and customers directly.

Optimized Routes

Navigate easily to multiple destinations and ensure deliveries on time.

Proof of Delivery

Let your agents scan barcodes, add notes, pictures, and gather digital signatures.

Easy Navigation

Easy retrieval of customer information, task tracking and hands-free travel

Easy Integration

Customers receive email / SMS with the expected arrival time and are permitted to track in real time

Enhanced Productivity

Receive valuable insights into the experience of your customers through ratings and feedback tracking