Como Sense


Gather data on all of your customers to get insights on their purchases, then create campaigns to have them keep coming back and spending more.

  • Spread over all your locations
  • Registration via app or website
  • Use any attribute or action to filter customers
  • Create customer segments and target them
  • Centralized data gathering for ease of access
  • Set automations for any action


Wefee1  offers a wide range of incentives and intelligent automations to send them at the set time out to the right customers.

  • Points, punch cards, cash back, discounts and much more
  • Automations based on rules that save time
  • Gamification of your gifts
  • Set tiers as per customer spending
  • Set tiers as per customer spending
  • Set automated gifts for bringing back lost customers


You are in control with Wefee1. To know the behavior of your customers and turn that knowledge into sales, you have advanced AI at your fingertips to understand the numbers.

  • Target customers with data driven reports and accuracy
  • Comprehensive reports down to the items purchased by your clients
  • Analyze your customers and group them into segments
  • Data wizard for instant answers
  • Make real-time changes based on analytics
  • Analyze trends to find growth opportunities


Your custom app reflects your unique business and displays the most important information you need. It’s your customers’; most valuable communication line.

  • Display your products or menu
  • Drive customers to your nearest locations
  • Communicate with your customers with personalized offers
  • Wallet: variety of mobile payments
  • Digitally reward your customers
  • Easily managed with your personalized control panel
  • Make changes to the app on demand as needed


Engage customers where they live with richly interconnected channels on their phones to reach out and hear back from them as well.

  • Reach your clients via means such as SMS, push, and pop-up messages
  • Personalization and geotargeting
  • Receive Customer feedback and surveys
  • Facebook sharing and link to your page
  • Email integration


Wefee1 along with your POS integrates to create a complete ecosystem and brings it together. Giving you the ability for customer management, loyalty, and all your online services.

  • POS integration for a comprehensive overview
  • Fully customizable Ecommerce
  • Custom Ordering service
  • Any other third-party systems
  • Multiple choices for payment methods


We’re here to guide you in your business to maximize Wefee1. Our goal is your success, and we’re committed to getting you there.

  • Personal success manager of your own
  • Receive expert marketing and business advice
  • Campaign tips and best practices
  • Customized reports and insights
  • Marketing and success materials

Why Choose Wefee1?


The main stage that joins CRM, BI, and devotion to benefit as much as possible from every customer and drive business development.


You'll get the full image of your business' information and the way to follow up on it to expand deals.


Unlimited combinations of features and capabilities mean the perfect, adjustable solution for your business.


Our technology is constantly being upgraded to keep you competitive and at the digital world's cutting edge.


Complete POS integration and connectivity for both you and your customers make your system seamless from end to end.


We expect your business to grow, and Wefee1 will grow with you as your needs and demands for the market change.

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