Convert your employees into Loyalty Program Ambassadors

Every business requires a structured loyalty program in order to stimulate customers’ behavior and attitude towards the business, with the use of rewards and benefits schemes. This helps boost sales, strengthen brand image and loyalty and last, but not the least, improve engagement of customers.

Burger King launched a successful campaign which ended up being successful through its loyalty program efforts: not only did the sales increase by over a 100% but their mobile application engagement increased over 500% as well. 

Yet, many businesses don’t consider the crucial role the employees play in the success of a loyalty program. Front-line employees are the face of the business and their enthusiasm for a loyalty or rewards program is a critical part of its success. Employee engagement boosts productivity, reduces turnover and improves customer satisfaction. 

In order to introduce the loyalty program to customers, front-line employees have to take the lead and answer any questions pertaining to the subject and most importantly, tell customers the many benefits of the program. 

For this reason, employee engagement with the front-line for the purpose of the program is critical. This is why we consider that businesses should make sure to take the following steps for success:

1. Training and development

Front-line employees need to understand the program in and out as they will be introducing the same to the customers and answering all kinds of questions about it. So having an in-depth understanding is of crucial importance. They need to convey to the customers how the program is beneficial and advantageous.

2. Uplift practice 

Businesses will have customers who are not so tech-savvy. This includes the older generation. So in this case, employees of the business need to demonstrate how the application is to be used or in other words, practice the program introduction. In order to do this with ease, employees also need to have enough practice on their parts and address all sorts of customer questions at the checkout counters during busy days which will make them more confident.

3. Launch internal contests

Incentive proves to be very effective so create contests for employees, for example, rewarding those who make above a certain ‘sale’, who answer customer queries the best, etc. 

4. Update employees

When businesses introduce new discounts, promotions, etc in the loyalty program, it is important for them to train employees on the same so they can communicate that to customers and stay in the loop. If employees are informed on time, they can respond to customer inquiries with proper knowledge which increases customer enthusiasm and boosts sales!

Wefee1 is an innovative customer engagement suite, integrated to 90+ POS, that enables you to delight your customer with rich and flexible loyalty programs. Start gathering actionable customer insights to help you bring them back while increasing their spend!

Ankita Srivastava

Ankita Srivastava

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