Our Story

As the nerve center of your business, Wefee1 constantly senses who your customers are and what they buy.

We empower POS companies with next-generation personalization for their business clients.

In today’s digital world, the online giants seem to have a towering advantage. They have perfected the art of gathering data about purchases and preferences and then appealing to customers with ever-more personalized offers that propel sales.

With Wefee1, we take the inspiration from those leaders to provide retailers and restaurants with all the data-driven customer engagement tools they need to thrive in this highly competitive business environment. As the nerve center of your business, Wefee1 constantly senses who each of your customers are and what they buy. You can then target them individually with relevant communications that bring them back.

Wefee1 connects with your POS to create a seamless solution with essential tools that work together: your branded mobile app, wide choice of loyalty programs, actionable business insights, and marketing automation to deliver the right incentives at the right time.

We are dedicated to helping you deliver the customer experiences that make sense for your unique business. We will continually upgrade the flexible platform to stay at the cutting edge, scale with you, and most importantly—meet your business goals.

Paul Cafe, Shakespeare & Co, Burger King, Little Bangkok, Operation Falafel, Papa John’s are some of the major chains in Wefee1's client portfolio.

As we build our global partner network, Wefee1 empowers POS companies to expand their offering with next-generation customer engagement and personalization for their business clients. We are number one in POS integrations, connected with more than 75 POS companies including NCR, Micros, Revel Systems, PAR, and Posera, and integrated with service providers such as Preoday and Zooz.

Wefee1 is the exclusive partner of Como for all the GCC and has been pioneering customer engagement in the cloud since 2005.