It’s an established fact that ordering online is way more convenient and easy. Today the percentage of diners preferring to order online versus going to a restaurant is increasing by the day. By 2030, the online meal ordering business will touch $365 billion globally.

Online ordering represents a lucrative revenue opportunity for restaurants. Deloitte states that customers spend 20% more per visit when they order through the technology.

There are online food ordering aggregators like Uber Eats, Zomato, etc that offer a platform for online ordering. While they give the restaurants a large audience to cater to, they come with their own disadvantages for the restaurants.

These are the 4 compelling reasons why you must have your own food delivery software and not be reliant on online aggregators.

Improved Profitability

Every time you bag an order through a food delivery aggregator, you are left poorer by a few dollars. The commission for the aggregators can be as much as 30%. That’s a huge drain on revenues. Additionally, a customer is offered a plethora of options to select which restaurant he/she wishes to order from. This then compels a restaurant to spend on advertising to be listed on top of the search list. This further creates a strain on profitability.

Restaurants are getting smarter and reducing their reliance on the aggregators and instead investing in technology themselves. It only makes sense as it puts the restaurants in the driver seat.

Customer Profiling

Aggregators withhold crucial customer data. By owning an online ordering system a restaurant can collect important data points. Restaurants can use this data to better understand customer behavior. They can use it to profile their customers so they can customize their rewards, offers, created targeted marketing campaigns.

Data is the new Gold. The importance of this cannot be stressed enough. Having crucial data and right data analytics can help boost sales and make marketing campaigns way more effective.

Better Control and Reporting

One obvious benefit of a robust food ordering system is that you can get several kinds of reports. Find out which product line generates more sales and which one fared poorly. You can also map your sales seasons and then plan your next marketing programs. Find out your profitable products and find out ways and means to sell more and better.

Improved Brand Loyalty

More than just convenience, in general, consumers today want to feel valued and loyalty programs give guests a stronger incentive to use your apps, especially when seamlessly integrated into the overall ordering experience. Research shows that 52% of Millennials use their mobile devices to take advantage of app-based loyalty rewards and coupons.

Online ordering is ready to add value to your restaurant in many ways. You have an option to go with a comprehensive customer engagement tool that includes POS integrations, which facilitates online ordering, the collection of insights about customer behavior, and more.

Your customers’ information is stored in the POS every time they buy and this data is ready to be fully owned and controlled by your business. From there, the information can be used for a range of ways to boost restaurant sales, all with a view to driving the business forward.

Wefee1 is Como’s exclusive partner for the entire GCC and since 2005 has been pioneering client engagement in the cloud.

Are you ready to implement an online ordering system to boost restaurant sales and streamline operations? Request a demo with us to get started.

Lauren Nahman

Lauren Nahman

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